A postdoc position is available at GCO – Universidad de Valladolid (Valladolid, Spain) in the area of communication networks and fog/MEC/cloud computing for connected vehicle services.

It will involve research on control mechanisms (including methods based on artificial intelligence) to jointly orchestrate heterogeneous resources (communication and computing) on access and metropolitan
networks, techniques for computation offloading from user equipment (on-board in vehicles) to one or more MEC servers considering resource management and vehicle mobility, development of planning/control/simulation software tools, and testbed development.

Applicants must have a PhD (but please, note that PhD degrees from outside the European Higher Education Area, EHEA, must be validated). The expected start date is April 2021. More information can be found at http://gco.uva.es/files/2021/01/postdoc_offer_UVa_ARTEMIS_Jan21.pdf

If interested, please contact us as soon as possible.

Ignacio de Miguel (ignacio.miguel@tel.uva.es)
Ramón J. Durán Barroso (rduran@tel.uva.es)